Treatment for damaged hair

Tame Frizzy Hair

tame frizzy hairOne of the most common questions hair stylists receive from their clients is “How do I tame frizzy hair?” It’s a tough question to answer. There are so many factors that go into why one has frizzy hair that any number of things could be done to help tame frizzy hair.

Tame Frizzy Hair at Home

There are several steps you can take right now to help tame frizzy hair. Many of these at-home methods target dryness, the leading cause of frizzy hair. Infusing moisturizer into your hair is # 1 to tame frizzy hair.

  • Stop using so many hair care products. All of the gel, mousse, hairspray, and other products you put in your hair dry your follicles out. Dry hair equals frizzy hair.
  • best treatment for damaged hair Consider limiting your use of heat stylers. Hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers damage your unprotected hair with excessive heat.
  • Try home remedies for frizzy hair such as deep conditioning with olive oil or mayonnaise.
  • Use a good quality conditioner that does not contain drying ingredients such as alcohol.
  • After you have rinsed out the conditioner, rinse you hair with as cold water as you can stand. Cold water works on the hair cuticle to make the hair less frizzy.

Products to Tame Frizzy Hair

Most of us simply cannot manage our hair without heat-styling. In this case, invest in a heat-activated frizzy hair solution. This revolutionary new method uses heat stylers to activate a moisturizing and healing formula.