Treatment for damaged hair

Damaged Hair Treatments

damaged hair care If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the damaged hair treatments that are on the market, then join the club. With so many options, there has to be a way to determine what works and what doesn't. To help you make the best choice, we'll cover a few popular store-bought treatments as well as natural damaged hair treatments that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Don't worry, we'll discuss damaged hair treatments that have been proven to work effectively to combat the causes of damaged hair.

Natural Damaged Hair Treatments

You can care for damaged hair with several at home hair treatments using products you probably already have in the kitchen. The most popular of these damaged hair treatments involve using mayonnaise and/or eggs. Other natural damaged hair treatments use vinegar to combat dryness and frizzy hair. Vinegar also works well on dandruff. Some of the home remedies for damaged hair are a little stinky and even messy, but they work great in a pinch when you need a quick fix. If you can bear it, these solutions are well worth the effort. Keep in mind, though, these damaged hair treatments won't provide lasting results. However, they at least work on the surface of the hair and temporarily improve its appearance.

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Store Bought Damaged Hair Treatments

Without mentioning any brand names, the most common store bought damaged hair treatments involve the use of hot oil. These damaged hair treatments are quite simple as the only involve the use of a few simple items. It's best to leave the hot oil on your hair overnight and wash it off in the morning, just be sure that you don't undo the effects of these damaged hair treatments by washing with a harsh shampoo. The gentler the shampoo the better.

The best treatment we've found for damaged hair is a product called H2Thermal. It works ionically to repair damaged hair from the inside out using Moisture Infusion Microbeads and your hair dryer. The results are pretty dramatic. While we haven't seen H2Thermal in any stores yet, it is available in some salons and online at