Treatment for damaged hair

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

damaged hair treatments If you're frugal and don't want to empty your life savings to find effective ways to implement damaged hair care at home, then you can try a number of home remedies for damaged hair. Home remedies for damaged hair won't produce the same results as a product scientifically formulated to repair damaged hair such as H2Thermal, but they do provide a quick fix. Below are some home remedies for damaged hair that can help rescue you from the embarrassment and frustration of damaged hair.

Natural Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

There are several natural home remedies for damaged hair which call for the use of products and items you likely already have around the house. Here are a few you can try.

Two very simple home remedies for damaged hair are the mayonnaise treatment or the honey & eggs combination. For the first, you just apply mayonnaise to your hair before bed. Keep your hair covered in mayonnaise all night and wash as usual in the morning. For the second treatment you simply mix eggs with honey and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash it off. Both of these are really quick home remedies for damaged hair that you can perform with little effort.

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Egg Whites Damaged Hair Treatment

The egg whites treatment is the most involved of the home remedies for damaged hair outlined here. You begin by carefully cracking open one egg into a small bowl so that only the whites come out of the shell and the yolk remains inside. Whip the egg whites with a fork or whisk. Put the egg yolk into a blender with a little water and blend until smooth. Pour in the egg whites. Rinse your hair with hot water and apply the egg mixture. Massage the mixture into your hair and rinse with cold water. These are just a few home remedies for damaged hair. Keep in mind that these and other tips can't take the place of proven products, but they can provide a temporary solution until you find a product you can trust.