Treatment for damaged hair

The Best Damaged Hair Repair Ever!

Rated: 5 out of 5

H2Thermal damaged hair conditioner

H2Thermal Thermal Activated Hair Repair is the greatest product for hair breakage that we've ever tried. The results were so dramatic that we added this section to to tell everyone about it!

A few months ago we were casually testing hair repair products for an article on this site and we came across H2Thermal. This hydrating conditioner seals split ends and added fullness and body to thin, brittle hair. H2Thermal also repairs hair breakage caused by heat styling, weather damage, and color treatments.

The dramatic effects we got from this heat-activated hair repair product convinced us to look no further - we had found the greatest damaged hair repair product ever!


We were testing products based on a few simple requirements - the product had to be easy to use, the results had to last longer than a day or two, and the product had to do what it claimed to do. Of the twelve products we tried, H2Thermal was the only product that fulfilled all three requirements. It works in only a minute, results last over a week, and the results are stellar - H2Thermal literally heals damaged hair!

About H2Thermal

damaged hair treatmentsH2Thermal contains healing ingredients such as shea butter, wheat protein and jojoba - the closest thing to the moisture naturally produced by your hair. Unlike most damaged hair treatments we tried that work on the hair's surface to treat damaged hair superficially, H2Thermal works from the inside of your hair strands, instead of just coating the outside.

H2Thermal is so popular, it was spotlighted as the Best Kept Celebrity Hair Secret in Style magazine. The key is H2Thermal's heat-activated ionic formula which deeply penetrates hair follicles while infusing crystallized jojoba into each hair shaft. This literally restructures your hair follicles, healing split ends and hair breakage from the inside out. This instant hair treatment is all the rage among celebrities and fashionistas alike.

The results are quite dramatic - the three women who tried it in our test panel all had the same results as the stars - beautiful, soft, healthy hair where there was once dry, broken hair due to heat styling, harsh hair dyes and frequent washing. H2Thermal not only restored softness and vitality to lackluster follicles, but also added volume and thickness to sparse, thinning hair.

Works in Minutes!

The best part is H2Thermal is easy to use. All you have to do is apply it to clean, wet hair, wait a few minutes and then blow dry. H2Thermal is heat activated, so you use your hair dryer as you normally would, but without worrying that you're splitting ends or causing breakage to your hair. Results last up to a month!

Ionic technology is finally affordable!

While this technology isn't new to hair care (the popular Sedu hair straighter uses ionic technology) ionic hair repair treatments used to only be available at salons, where they took hours and were very expensive. H2Thermal, by contrast, is very affordable and to the many who have found it, is worth its weight in gold. That's why, it you're battling damaged hair, split ends, or hair loss, we think you should try H2Thermal. You'll love it!