Treatment for damaged hair

Damaged Hair Repair

best way to repair damaged hair Some would argue that it's impossible to repair damaged hair, and they are partly right. You see, the hair that is visible to your eye is already dead. The living part of your hair is actually in the follicle that's buried deep in your scalp. However, you can still repair damaged hair that is visible even though it is dead. After all, what you want is for your hair to look healthy and shiny not dry and frizzy.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

The key to understanding how to repair damaged hair lies in knowing how a hair strand is structured. Your hair has three layers - the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle. Comprised of several round cells, the medulla is the innermost layer also known as the marrow or the pith. The cortex surrounds the medulla and is made up of fibrous proteins and cells bound together tightly. It is the strongest and most dense part of the hair strand. The outermost layer is the cuticle. It is made up of several overlapping cells that are designed to protect the others. The need to repair damaged hair often arises from the use of chemicals that cause damaged hair down to the innermost layers.

best treatment for damaged hair

Avoid Products That Only Repair Damaged Hair on the Cuticle Level

The problem with some damaged hair treatments is that they only repair damaged hair on the cuticle level leaving the innermost layers in the same damaged condition. If the inner components of the hair are still in need of repair, no real solution has been achieved. The best you could hope for is that the treatment will appear to repair damaged hair with a temporary cosmetic fix that simply washes off the next time you shampoo. One of the best ways to repair damaged hair is to use a product that will penetrate all three layers of the hair and won't wash off easily such as our editor's choice for damaged hair, H2Thermal.

H2Thermal is an innovative formula that moisturizes and repairs damaged hair by penetrating deep into the cortex of each strand. Formulated with Moisture Infusion Microbeads, H2Thermal reaches beyond the hair surface and seals the shaft with moisture, delivering solid protection against the harmful effects of humidity. This product contains ionic compounds that adhere to broken protein bonds in the hair cortex and restore the damaged structure of brittle, dry, or frizzy strands.

H2Thermal is a heat-activated product that begins working while hair is being styled or blown dry. The cuticles of the hair shaft are smoothed and strengthened as the Moisture Infusion Microbeads dissolve. Regular use of H2Thermal promotes hair health and vitality. Additionally, this product does not leave any build-up behind as it heals the hair cortex, resulting in overall body and shine. Learn more about how H2Thermal works.