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H2-Ion Hair Repair Reviews

Rated: 5 out of 5

H2Ion Thermal Activated Hair Repair is a technologically advanced hair repair treatment that can help to repair even the most damaged hair. Within just one minute of treatment, H2Ion Hair Repair infuses healing moisture into each hair, protects the hair from heat damage, adds body, prevents hair breakage, seals split ends, and promotes the growth of healthy hair. In testing against other hair repair products, H2Ion is the only one which actually delivered on its promised results. After application, H2Ion takes only a single minute to start healing damaged hair, and the results last for over a week.

Damaged hair treatments

Does H2Ion work for hair repair?

Unlike most conditioners which just coat the hair's surface, H2Ion uses special ingredients that repair the hair from the inside out. The natural ingredients contained in H2Ion - negative ions, jojoba extracts, and wheat proteins - are formulated in a powerful microbead infusion which delivers healing nutrients directly into the hair to repair hair damage caused by heat, styling, color, sun, and everyday wear and tear. H2Ion's unique formula is thermally activated by heat styling, so the process of blow drying hair actually turns into a beneficial treatment to repair hair damage. The ionic technology utilized in H2Ion used to be available only in high-priced salons, but now the same treatment is available in effective and easy-to-use H2Ion Hair Repair.

H2Ion Results

Many user reviews of H2Ion Hair Repair report success with the product for their damaged hair which had previously not responded to other products. Chemically treated hair, frizzy hair, and hair damaged from heat styling have all become silkier, more manageable, and lustrous after even the first application of H2Ion's unique hair repair product. H2Ion's customers are so enthusiastic about the product and its effectiveness in treating their damaged hair that they are happily recommending it to their friends and family members.

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For those who wish to try out H2Ion's Hair Repair before making a larger commitment, a free trial offer is available. The sample of H2Ion Hair Repair is free, and shipping and handling is just $4.95, since the makers of H2Ion are so sure that you will love the way that the product quickly repairs damaged hair and restores shine, luster, and manageability.

The regular price of H2Ion is $79.95 per bottle, but there is a special offer of $159.95 for three bottles. In addition, H2Ion Hair Repair can be purchased in a hair care set with a specially formulated H2Ion shampoo and conditioner; the Total Hair Repair Package contains one bottle each of shampoo, conditioner, and Hair Repair and costs $100. Shipping to the US is $7.95 to $22.95 for regular orders, depending on the selected shipping method and speed. Shipping to Canada is $14.95, and international shipping is $19.95. Learn more.